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The HIPAA problem has been:

  • Requirements are confusing
  • Takes time away from other duties
  • Instruction manuals are useless
  • Hiring a consultant is expensive

So, we built software to help:

  • Speed up compliance
  • Reduce the burden of HIPAA
  • Save lots of money
  • Make practice enjoyable again!

See How It Works

A solid compliance program must include everything you see is this video. Anything less leaves you at risk and non-compliant.

Affordable Pricing

We could charge a lot, but we choose not to. After all, shouldn't software help you complete tasks faster and with less expense? Our plans start at $150 per year for an office with 3 workforce (staff). See All Plans

Get Results

"HIPAAmate took fear and stress off the table. As a new business we felt overwhelmed, but HIPAAmate made us HIPAA compliant quickly and easily! The program does all the work for you. We highly recommend it!"

"Our old HIPAA compliance program was confusing and left us feeling uncertain we were doing things correctly. Now, all our information is organized online and easy to find and edit. Best of all, HIPAAmate removed guesswork and got the office to compliance quickly!"

"Thanks to HIPAAmate we've gone from a cumbersome compliance nightmare to smooth sailing!"

"I did everything in 90 minutes and I'm basically done for a year. Fantastic!"

I'm Ready for HIPAA to be Easy!

Please allow Dr. Jeff Brown to contact you and determine if HIPAAmate is a good fit for your practice.

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