Free HIPAA Webinars

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HIPAA checklist webinar title slide.

HIPAA Checklist - What's Your Grade?

A walk-through of the primary HIPAA Security Rule requirements. By the end you'll know whether or not your office is compliant.

HIPAA risk analysis webinar title slide.

Risk Analysis Demonstration

See how to complete a HIPAA risk analysis in the shortest time possible!

HIPAA annual staff training webinar title slide.

Get to Know HIPAA Staff Training

What topics must HIPAA training cover? How often should staff be trained? Should you pay for training and testing services? These questions and more will be answered.

HIPAA compliant email and text webinar title slide.

Email & Text Patients with Confidence

Sending email and text messages is hugely popular. Learn how to communicate with patients using these methods and keep HIPAA compliant at the same time.

Social media and HIPAA webinar title slide.

Social Media & HIPAA

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other services certainly help you connect with people and grow your business; however, these platforms introduce risk, too.