The HIPAA Features You Need

List of HIPAA features within HIPAAMATE software.

Whether you're a small office with 1 employee or a big office with 100, there's a very good chance you dislike HIPAA compliance for three reasons:

  • HIPAA is complex and confusing
  • HIPAA takes too long to figure out
  • Consulting and software services are way overpriced

HIPAAMATE is Different

Our software solves all three HIPAA problems by combining in-depth compliance features, an intelligent workflow, and cost-effective software. HIPAAMATE does the following to make your life better:

  • Eliminates HIPAA compliance guesswork and confusion
  • Provides instruction for each HIPAA requirement
  • Manages your HIPAA documentation online
  • Helps protect against fines (86% of businesses fail the Risk Analysis requirement)
  • Offers affordable plans starting at $225 per year!

Key HIPAA Compliance Features

All HIPAAMATE plans include these required HIPAA features.

  • Security Risk Analysis
  • HIPAA staff training content and documentation
  • Custom HIPAA policies and procedures
  • Business associate vendor management
  • Information Systems Activity Review (ISAR)
  • ePHI inventory tracking
  • Risk mitigation task manager
  • HIPAA reports
  • Bonus: free phone and email support

Now you know our software has what it takes to meet HIPAA requirements without the hassle of paperwork, spreadsheets, consulting phone calls, and outlandish prices.

From here you either move toward a bright future or remain bogged down with little hope for establishing an easy-to-manage HIPAA compliance program.