Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to do everything?

A very small office will spend approximately 2 hours going through HIPAAMATE for the first time, while a larger office, e.g., 20 employees, will spend roughly 4 hours. You don’t have to do everything in one sitting; you can save progress and work when it's convenient.

Over time, if you hire people, add or remove equipment, or make other changes to your business, then you’ll want to jump into HIPAAMATE and update information accordingly. Also, when we release new features that require your attention, you’ll be notified to take action.

Will our HIPAA policies and procedures be managed within HIPAAMATE?

Yes. Managing your office's HIPAA policy manual is straightforward. We will ask you to customize half the policies; however, for simplicity, we keep customization to the minimum required and provide lot’s of examples.

Our software also keeps track of when you last approved policies so you’ll always know when it’s time to approve them again. If you aren't aware, the HIPAA requires that you review and approve all policies on an annual basis. Additionally, when you change a policy, we’ll keep a record of the old version so you have proof you are following the rules.

Is annual HIPAA staff training a part of the software?

Yes. Best of all, our training is specific to your practice so it is actually compliant; unlike other HIPAA training services on the market which put staff in front of generic videos, give a quiz, and send a fancy certificate. If you recall from the The 5 Essentials to Fast HIPAA presentation, video-only training is not compliant because it’s not specific to your office.

With regard to paper certificates… we don't provide them because they are not required. What is required, however, is that you document HIPAA training events and show a history of your trainings, which you are able to do within our software.

Will you answer questions if I get stuck or if I receive an audit?

Yes. We will answer any questions you have while using our product (no charge). We want you to be comfortable using our software and with HIPAA compliance in general.

In the event you receive a HIPAA audit we will help guide you through that, too. After all, when you successfully pass an audit you look great, but so do we. Therefore, it’s in everyone's best interest you know what to do.

Are software updates included in the price?

Yes. All HIPAA related updates are included in your annual subscription at no additional cost.

Do I need to download HIPAAMATE?

No. Our software is completely cloud-based so everything is securely stored online for you. This means you can log in from any device.

What if I have multiple business locations?

You will need to register each location separately under unique email addresses. If you watched the The 5 Essentials to Fast HIPAA video, then you know HIPAA compliance is location driven. From a security perspective, therefore, separate office locations are considered completely different entities and require separate HIPAAMATE accounts.

What does "workforce member" mean?

This is a common question because our pricing plans are based on the number of workforce members within an office. A workforce member is anyone whose conduct is under the direct control of the practice/business and their job involves the use of patient information. For example a provider, employee, volunteer, and spouse or family member would all be workforce members if their conduct is under the direct control of the practice and the work they perform involves patient information.

Is an independent contractor a workforce member or business associate?

If a contractor is with you long term, and you have direct control over his or her conduct, then they are likely a workforce member. However, if they are short term and do the same or similar work in other businesses, e.g., perform vacation coverage, then they are likely a business associate.

What if I decide not to renew my subscription?

Be sure to download reports and save them elsewhere for at least 6 years.

Is my data safe?

Our software engineers, Matt and Steve, have 50 years combined experience developing numerous applications, installed on millions of computers, within the healthcare and software security industries. They know what they're doing.

Is OSHA, OIG, or PCI compliance included?

Not at this time. However, we get a lot of requests for an OSHAMATE or OIGMATE and we will consider adding products to help with these requirements in the future.

Will you keep up-to-date with HIPAA rules?

Yes. The good news, for both of us, is that the HIPAA law rarely changes. What changes more often is guidance coming from Health and Human Services. With that being said, if anything changes we will update HIPAAMATE accordingly.

Can business associates use HIPAAMATE?

Yes. The HIPAA requirements for covered entities (a.k.a. providers) are the same for business associates; therefore, BAs can use HIPAAMATE, too. However, our software currently uses the term "practice" to identify your business in text and reports. While this may seem awkward because BAs are not referred to as being a practice, it doesn’t take away from the legitimacy of using HIPAAMATE to meet your HIPAA compliance obligations. In a future update we plan to add the ability for you to distinguish your office as a BA. Important: We only service U.S. based companies.

What's the 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee?

We give you 14 days to determine whether or not HIPAAMATE is a good fit. If you are not satisfied for any reason, request a refund within that time. Here's the legal text: For a full refund, you must contact us and request a refund within 14 days following the date you create a HIPAAMATE account. Refunds will not be issued if your refund request is received after the initial 14 days. Your account will be terminated once a refund is issued.

Still have questions?

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