Software Makes HIPAA Compliance Easy

Everything you'll see throughout the demo below is a HIPAA Security Rule compliance requirement. But, don't worry... most offices are in your situation, too—confused, overwhelmed, and non-compliant.

We get it, and it's why we created easy-to-use software that makes meeting HIPAA Security Rule requirements a breeze.

See how to:

  • Save Time & Money
  • Manage Policies & Procedures
  • Perform Annual HIPAA Staff Training
  • Quickly Complete a Risk Analysis

Duration: less than 10 minutes
Satisfaction: guaranteed 😉

Imagine trying to implement all these features on your own, without HIPAAMATE. That's right, it's practically impossible when you have so many other job responsibilities. This is why the vast majority of healthcare offices and business associates struggle with HIPAA compliance, and it's why we made HIPAAMATE.

Now you know our software solves the three biggest HIPAA problems (confusion, wasted time, and cost) so it makes sense to sign up today!

Getting Started is Simple

  • Register online
  • Confirm your email address
  • Enter your business location information
  • Select a plan size, pay with a credit card, and start using HIPAAMATE immediately