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Join Our Affiliate Program

  • Recurring 20% referral payments
  • Limited number of affiliates accepted
  • Payments sent monthly
  • Be a hero to those struggling with HIPAA compliance

Simple Referral Tracking

  • Use custom affiliate links (can be applied to banner ads, social media posts, email, websites, etc.); or
  • Communicate your referrals directly to HIPAAMATE

Payment Examples

Because you also earn commissions when customers renew and upgrade, income can grow substantially over time.

Example 1
If referrals purchased these plans last month:

  • 2 X-Small
  • 3 Small
  • 1 Medium

You receive $475 next month.

Example 2
If referrals purchased these plans last month:

  • 2 Small
  • 1 Medium
  • 2 Large

You receive $630 next month.

Example 3
If referrals purchased these plans last month:

  • 4 Medium
  • 3 Large
  • 1 XX-Large

You receive $1,290 next month.

Affiliate Sign Up

We want to work with people who earn large commissions. After all, if you win big, we win big, too! The process below helps us find the best win-win relationships.

Step 1

Carefully read the Affiliate Program Agreement

Step 2

Please call (614) 706-2066 and talk with Dr. Jeff. He will ask questions regarding your business, the size of your network (e.g., number of customers or followers), how you plan to promote, etc.. You can ask him questions, too.

At the end of the call, you'll know if you've been accepted, not accepted, or if something else makes better sense.

Step 3

Receive an acceptance email containing your Affiliate Code.

Step 4

Start promoting and earning commissions!

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