Welcome to HIPAAMATE

Our Mission

To make compliance comfortable for everyone.

Our Team

We bring the perfect blend of experience and technical acumen to build the best HIPAA compliance software tool available.

📍 Located in Columbus, Ohio

CEO at HIPAAMATE online HIPAA compliance software

Dr. Jeff Brown, Co-founder and CEO, is a recognized expert in compliance requirements related to medical necessity, EHR Incentive Program (meaningful use), and the HIPAA, with several national speaking credits and publications to his name. His career spans private chiropractic practice, meaningful use consulting, and software product management for three healthcare technology companies.

CTO at HIPAAMATE online HIPAA compliance software

Matt Williams, Co-founder and CTO, is the wizard behind the curtain who turns vision into reality. He has over 25 years of software development experience leading high performing engineering teams. His software has been installed on millions of desktops, he has built web applications that process billions of dollars a year in revenue, and he lives on Mt. Dew. Most recently he has lead innovation for two healthcare software companies.

Software Consultant at HIPAAMATE online HIPAA compliance software

Steve Ruland, Software Architect, is in his third decade as a software professional. He has worked in telecom, federal government, software security and healthcare industries, and has architected multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) systems that scale to tens of thousands of operations. He approaches every challenge with a focus on security, scalability and performance. When not working, Steve is an avid baseball fan and soccer dad.

HIPAAMATE's koala bear mascot

Monti, Company Mascot, is a koala bear and certified reminder to everyone that the HIPAA, while extremely important and often complex, is not difficult and certainly shouldn't be scary. Monti joined the team in January, 2019 to help us promote HIPAAMATE in a manner consistent with our core mission—to make compliance easy for everyone.

Our Story

It all started with Dr. Jeff Brown's experience as a practicing provider searching for help with HIPAA compliance. Dr. Brown was disappointed with useless HIPAA manuals, seminars, and the high fees consultants were charging.

He then searched for software alternatives, but only found more disappointment. Software vendors were also charging exorbitant fees.

This didn't make sense. Software is supposed to enable your office to do tasks faster, easier, and with lower cost. After all, great software can simultaneously service hundreds of clients, whereas a consultant cannot.

What's a guy to do?

Build his own software, of course! Dr. Brown tapped into his six years of software product management experience and began putting pieces together. He then reconnected with former co-workers and software engineers, Matt Williams and Steve Ruland. HIPAAMATE was born a year later.

Let's talk cost.

From an efficiency perspective, HIPAAMATE uses the latest technology and back-end services which allows us to operate, maintain, and scale with far less expense than traditional software deployment.

To keep other costs under control, our talented founders do the lion's share of day-to-day activities instead of delegating work to employees or contractors.

In a nutshell, we build software that solves the HIPAA problem and makes compliance simple, fast, and affordable.