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HIPAAmate is a full-featured compliance software designed to save you valuable time.

Don't let frustration with HIPAA take your focus away from what matters most—patients!

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Has HIPAA dampened your motivation? Are you disappointed by expensive and ineffective compliance resources?

At HIPAAmate, we are on a mission to fix the problem by building time-saving and affordable software.

The HIPAA Hazard

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Even well-intentioned providers can be led astray by misinformation. Do you know if you're HIPAA compliant?

Once you know what is required, finding useful and affordable help becomes the goal.

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I did everything in 90 minutes and I'm basically done for a year. Fantastic!

– Dr. Dillon, KY

Thanks to HIPAAmate we've gone from a cumbersome compliance nightmare to smooth sailing!

– Kathryn, Office Manager, OH

Frequently Asked Questions

True compliance is rare, especially among small businesses. Even if you have an updated policies and procedures manual and conduct annual staff training, you are far from being compliant. Additionally, "being compliant" is NOT a one-time event, nor is it something you do only once per year. While some tasks are to be completed yearly, such as the Risk Analysis, other tasks must be completed as necessary, and are therefore, ongoing. Watch the The HIPAA Hazard video (above) to learn more, or download this simple HIPAA Checklist.

We built HIPAAmate so you won't have to figure out HIPAA rules on your own. Our software tool saves you time by taking the confusion out of compliance as it painlessly walks you through everything, so you don't miss anything! Managing HIPAA documentation online is a breeze and we even offer free support when you have questions.

A very small practice will spend approximately 2 hours going through HIPAAmate for the first time, while a larger practice will spend roughly 4 hours. Your progress is always saved so feel free to spend bits of time only when it's convenient.

Yes! Moreover, our training is specific to your practice so it is compliant—few HIPAA training services on the market can say this.

Yes! Managing your office's HIPAA policy manual is super simple with HIPAAmate.

Yes. The HIPAA requirements for covered entities (providers) are the same for business associates; therefore, you can use HIPAAmate. Be advised, our software currently uses the term "practice" to identify your business in text and reports. While this may seem awkward, it does not take away from the legitimacy of using HIPAAmate to meet your HIPAA compliance obligations. Note: This will be addressed in a future update.

HIPAAmate is data-driven software versus simple documentation software. Being data-driven means we apply intelligence to our software so it "thinks" about: What you've done. What is required. What is left to do. By focusing your attention on the doing part of HIPAA compliance we save you time!

Almost all. A final item (risk management plan) will be completed fourth quarter 2018. However, because the current version of HIPAAmate covers the majority of the HIPAA Security Rule requirements (including the Risk Analysis), and because most offices are severely non-compliant, we decided releasing our software early was important.

Register each location separately under unique email addresses. For example, if you have two locations, one has 8 workforce members and the other has 15, you'd register once for a Small plan and register again, using a different email, for a Medium plan. A person working at both locations needs to be counted twice.

If you decide not to renew, be sure to download reports and save them outside of HIPAAmate.

Not likely. However, at some point in time a breach of your protected health information is very likely, and the reason you must always be prepared to prove you are in compliance with the HIPAA laws. Additionally, all 50 states and most insurance payers require that you take reasonable actions to safeguard patient information, both of which increase the chance of an audit.

Yes, we'll help guide you through an audit. After all, when you successfully pass an audit we look good:)

No. HIPAAmate is completely cloud-based so everything is securely stored online for you.

Our software engineers, Matt and Steve, have 50 years combined experience developing numerous applications, installed on millions of computers, within the healthcare and software security industries. They know what they're doing.

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